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“Release the Kracken!”


Release the Kracken!”


What to do with socks by Loki
- Get in your sock
- Get comfy!



Erik Lehnsherr + tumblr text posts 

his opinion should be yes cos the opposite of “no Erik” is “yes Charles.”


fffffffffffuuuckk yeaaahhh


fffffffffffuuuckk yeaaahhh



All-Star Superman - Frank Quitely

Costume DesignBlade Runner (1982)

by Michael Kaplan and Charles Knode

Art Tula Lotay
Words Warren Ellis

I have no idea what’s happening in this comic but it’s still stuck with me far more than any similar science fiction in recent memory.

Ellis has gotten incredibly good at context-free bursts of phrase that still haunt and resonate with me for days after reading them.

I did a public thing with MIT Media Lab in Austin the other month where I talked about how science fiction, incubated inside genre walls for so long, has burst out of its cell to infect everything. Science fiction lives in the mainstream now, in all strata of culture, to the point where we barely even notice any more — it’s just part of the fabric of the modern world. The superhero is part science fiction and part crime story, both of which are forms of social fiction. It’s been said, a lot, that the superhero is ad hoc mythmaking for the contemporary era. And a fraught and culture-shocked society needs and demands rescue stories. Look at how both UFO sightings and angel sightings peaked in the run-up to the millennium: a wish to seek and solve the mystery of the Other that might swoop down from the sky to save us.

Warren Ellis, interview about SUPREME: BLUE ROSE at Multiversity Comics

art by Tula Lotay

(via imagecomics)


Stills from last Adventure Time “Food Chain” episode directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Ping Pong, Tatami Galaxy …).


a star wars?! of all the “rotting game” pictures i’ve seen, this one is the saddest.

‘Ready 2 Rage (Bassnectar & Jantzen Mix)’ by Product01 is my new jam.


War Machine Cosplay by Kenny